Fumonero - Dentro
This project was to create a series of artwork for not just the cover of a new album, but also the booklet which would help tell the story of the album. A consideration also had to taken in the design of the artworks for the various lyrics, song listing etc that would be needed to added afterwards.
I chose to represent the story in as abstract way as I could so it could be accessible to as many as possible, this course of light, an "object of desire" (this could be anything to the viewer/listener, an addiction, a bad relationship, etc.), tempting a figure all the time dragging it further and further into a "darkness" from which the figure would try to eventually escape.
Artwork presented here by kind permission of Fumonero. Please support them either by giving the album a listen on Spotify, on iTunes, or over on Facebook.
Album Cover - The main cover for the album, tried to encapsulate many of the ideas behind the album in this one artwork. 
Booklet Artwork (above)
Booklet Cover - This cover for the booklet was another take on the albums themes, attempting to encapsulate the ideas in one artwork. 
"Assuefazione" - This first artwork within the booklet, introduces properly the figure and the "object of desire" and its allure, capturing the figures attention from its true intent.
"Perdizione" - The second shows the "object of desire", now being held tight by the figure, drawing the figure deeper into a "darkness".
"Resurrezione" - The figure, realsing its fate, is now struggling free of the "darkness", looking away from the "object" towards something else, the future, a new hope?
"Tentazione" - The figure now free, turns back towards its temptation, the return to old ways, even though its wounds are still fresh, the allure is there of the object.
"Liberazione" - Finally the figure is liberated from its past, walking towards a new future, scarred and still aware it could be drawn backwards at times, but its face is set forward now.
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