These rates are given as a guide, the exact cost will be discussed and agreed upon before confirming any commission. This is because commission details, scope, the potential time involved, finished size, and other factors may contribute to the final cost, including potentially a cheaper quote. These examples are based off a typical work length of an average pieces of it type, and uses data on expected market rates from the Scottish Artists Union as a guide. If you have any questions please do get in touch
via email: 
or via the contact form below.
It is expected that typically a 50% deposit of the agreed fee if paid upfront before work, and then full payment before delivery of the finished artwork. During this time "work in progress" images will be supplied to ensure adherence to the brief, however drastic changes to the brief during the process may result in further fees and delays.
These are works created soley for use by the client, for non-exclusive commissions rates please get in touch, prices are for both digital and traditional mediums:
  -  Small Artwork (approx A4):           starting from £150.00 
  -  Medium Artwork (approx A3):      
starting from £300.00 
  -  Large Artwork (A2 and larger):    
starting from £500.00 
I am available for various digital and print design project from logos, to poster, and print designs, however due to the more complex  nature of these project please get in touch to discuss a quote.
  -  Twitch etc Emote/Badge Designs: from £50
  -  Logo Design: from £10 0
  -  Posters/Print: from £200
I am also available to create artwork at events, church services, meetings, social gatherings, etc. where I will create a piece live during and reflective of the event itself. Please note costs include basic equipment and costs, for longer events and events further away further costs may be added, but will be discusssed and agreed ahead of the booking.
Live Artwork Cost Breakdown:
  -  Base Cost:                                                     £300  (includes up to two sessions of upto two hours)
  -  Additional sessions of upto three hours:    from £100,
  -  Additional time above three hours:             £50 per hour

Please be aware that I do reserve the right to refuse a commission request.
Thank you!
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