"I AM, I WILL" (2018)

Commissioned acrylic artwork 

"Virga" (Album Cover)
This artwork was a commission for Dev Brow for the "Virga" album, which has just been released. The design of the cover was done by Dev Brow, which I loved as it completed the artwork so well, so had to use it here. 

You can listen to the album below, please do check it out and give it some love...
 Bandcamp: https://devbrow.bandcamp.com
 Youtube:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHm4zdGt1xY&list=PLGAkCzbkFWSiDWEYag3rscpYfiWqDUvMz
Commissioned by a family to mark the arrival of their second child.
Created for as a Twitch streamers backdrop.
"Rebuilding Hope"
Commissioned to mark the leaving of a person from a position where they had worked across the UK in innercity and deprived areas trying to bring hope and regeneration.

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